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In Harmony Virtual Assisance provides Social Media Management for individuals, start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses who usually either don't have the time or need a little more guidance navigating the online world of social media;


Our specialist interests include:

  • Parenting, childcare & education

  • Healthcare, diet, fitness & exercise

  • Lifestyle & pop psychology

  • Women's issues

  • DIY/Home décor

  • Property, interior design & refurbishment

  • Law

  • Music & entertainment

  • Travel & tourism

  • Business development; SME, Start-Ups

  • Marketing. branding & PR

Social Media
Social Media Packages
Havering Virtual Assistant Social Media
Havering Virtual Assistant Linked In Social Media Packages
Havering Virtual Assistant You Tube Social Media
Havering Virtual Assistant Facebook Social Media
Havering Virtual Assistant Twitter Social Media
Havering Virtual Assistant Instagram Social Media

Mix 'n' Match

Set up and/or integration of various social media accounts; including 30 posts (1 per day)


Set up and integration with other social media accounts

Set up and integration of You Tube with other social media accounts, including uploading video files, tags etc.

50 sourced and scheduled Facebook posts (optional Twitter integration)

50 sourced and scheduled posts; (opitional integration with)

50 sourced posts; synced with Facebook

Google+ and Google Business

Set up and integration of Google+ with other social media accounts and set up of Google Business; including SEO



Creation of visual boards, uploading and pinning relevant and inspiring links to gain more brand awareness!



Create your account and upload audio files and ensuring tags are in place to help grow your audience


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All posts will be a mix of images and articles all relevant to your business, including but not limited to; news, industry events, blogs, video links, inspirational and motivational quotes and humouress memes - all sourced to engage with your audience.  You are of course able to suggest some posts too, we ask that you email any specific links, documents or images you would like uploaded.

Please note posts are scheduled straight into your Facebook page, so we will temporarily need your login details.  You have the opportunity to change up to 3 posts after they have been scheduled.

What we need from you to get started...
  1. Your Facebook login details or agreement to use Social Media Management platforms such as Buffer or Hootsuite.

  2. How many posts you want per day/week and an specific times you want posts to run.

  3. A full description of your business.

  4. Your business website and Facebook page address.

  5. Anything specifics about the type of posts you want scheduled.

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