Why hire a Virtual Assistant?_

Many SME's and entrepreneurs are realising that the only way to sustain their day to day business is with the help of an Assistant.  That's where we come in. 


We can provide that support whether it's front-line, client facing, or behind the scenes, wherever your business has a need we can shoulder some of the responsibility and help you implement and integrate new working strategies.

In Harmony VA has featured on a recent Podcast Interview with Nafisa Mark of the Marketing Pod discussing this very issue so have a listen here and if you're still not convinced check out the points below...

"Streamline your workload and rediscover your productivity"
~ Kate Sutherland, In Harmony VA ~
  • Hire an experienced freelancer and member of a recognised professional governing body

  • Outsource to save on costs of being an employer:-


  • No pressure to hire full time staff

  • No minimum hire period

  • No CV's to trawl through

  • No time consuming interviews

  • No PAYE

  • No Pensions

  • No Sick Pay

  • No Holiday Pay

  • No Health & Safety Policies

  • No Life Insurance


  • Choose the flexible hours that suit you, your business and your lifestyle


  • Choose ad-hoc services that suit different levels of your business development at different stages


  • Be reassured you will have full support during your busiest, most challenging times


  • Form an ongoing working relationship with someone who understands your business requirements

Society of Virtual Assistants
We Are Virtual Assistants
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Affiliates & Associates

Behind every successful VA is a team of people who have contributed to their journey and assisted in training and providing invaluable advice and opportunities.  In Harmony Virtual Assistance is pleased to be continually working closely alongside the following companies:-

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