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In Harmony Virtual Aassistance provides an audio transcription service with typing speeds of 70wpm.


All audio files are typed up into Word format and are proof read and spell checked.  


We cater to most types of dication:-

  • Reports

  • Interviews

  • Client correspondence

  • Meetings

  • Minutes

  • Multiple-speakers

  • Telephone conferences

In Harmony Virtual Assistance

NB:  Please note that more complex transcriptions can take longer to complete and therefore a supplment is payable.  


Please see below a list of "Audio Extras" that require a supplement.

For time stamped entries

For more than one speaker, fee per speaker

To convert audio files into MP3

For next day, expedited, speedy turnaround

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Audio Extras:-
In Harmony Virtual Assistance

Audio transcription can be purchased as part of a wider business solution package or as a stand-alone product.

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